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Myrna was raised in a loving home in Woodburn, Oregon with 3 sisters, two wonderful parents, and several cats. She grew up in the local Presbyterian Church, the same church her mother and father still attend.

After high school she enrolled at Oregon State University. She started out in the Elementary Education Department, but quickly found herself changing her major to Art. For years Art would be the main focus of her life. During that time she moved back to Indiana University to get her Masters in Fine Arts.

In 1990, after receiving her degree, she moved back to the Oregon. She worked at the Contemporary Crafts Gallery as the sales shop manager and was part of cooperative art galleries as well as participating in a number of local and national art shows.

Somewhere along the line, a friend who worked as the manager at the Raleigh Hills McMenamins Brewpub, asked if she could come in and paint a picture on their back door. Myrna did, and ever since then she has been painting for McMenamins. She has worked on every major project, painting everything from decorative borders, murals, pipes, graphics, and paintings that illustrate the history of the buildings that the hotels and pubs are housed in.

As a teenager, Myrna had been very active and focused on her spirituality. As she went to college, she put away her spiritual journey and chose to have other things take priority in her life.

Then, in 1998, Myrna went through a devastating divorce. Going through that process turned out to be a tremendous blessing to her. It stopped her and gave her the opportunity to reexamine her life, what she wanted, what was important to her, and what brought her happiness.

What she discovered was that she was happiest when her heart and soul were connected to God. Myrna began actively pursuing a relationship with the Divine and continues the pursuit to this day.

She attended New West Seminary, a New Thought Learning Community, and received a Masters of Divinity degree. While in seminary she discovered that she felt drawn to working with people one on one, so pursued a certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA.

She was ordained in 2004. Since that time she has been a practicing spiritual director, ceremony officiant, teacher, and speaker.

She finds great joy in serving as a spiritual conduit for others whether it is one on one with someone on their personal spiritual journey, creating and conducting a sacred ceremony, or any of the other ways that she can be of service in ministry.

Myrna continues to paint for McMenamins. She lives in a very exuberant household with her wonderful husband and two Welsh Corgis. Her life continues to unfold with all of its mysteries and wonders and she is grateful for all of its blessings and challenges.

She looks forward to accompanying you on your journey in any way that she may be of sacred service to you.

rev myrna yoder



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