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Are you a spiritual “lone ranger” without a formal community for support? Are you wrestling with your idea of God and spirituality and what that means for you, your choices, and your life? Do you long to be seen, heard, and supported on your journey into the mystery?

A spiritual director provides a sacred space for you to explore, notice and respond to the movement of the Divine in all aspects of your life. This done through a process called contemplative listening.

Contemplative listening is where the spiritual director listens deeply and intently, asking questions that help each person discover the God Presence through their own innate wisdom. This is not a teaching or preaching role. As a spiritual director, Rev. Myrna plays the role of spiritual companion, being a witness and offering support to you, the spiritual seeker, as you make a personal and individual connection with Spirit.

This is an ancient tradition. There are people that fill this sacred role in every spiritual tradition even though it is not called by the name of spiritual direction. It is vital for the spiritual seeker to have a confidential place to come and explore their spiritual life in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.

Myrna has been a spiritual director for over 5 years and has experience with a variety of people from various faith backgrounds. All spiritual seekers are welcome, regardless of their spiritual tradition. Whatever your experience of the Divine is, Myrna strives to support you in deepening that connection.

Typically, a person sees their spiritual director once a month. One of the things that Myrna likes to support in those that come to see her is to learn to trust their own guidance. In keeping with that she asks you to find the rhythm that works best for you. For some people this is once a week, for others it is every six weeks, and yet for some it is every few months. Whatever your soul is hungry for, Myrna is honored to support you.

The initial session is always free. It gives you the chance to meet Myrna and discern whether she is a good match for you and your spiritual journey.

Fees for subsequent direction sessions varies with each person’s ability to pay and can be discussed during the first free interview session. The range is usually anywhere from $40 - $100 per session.

Myrna will meet with you at her office, which is located on the second floor of a building conveniently located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District. For those that are outside of the Portland Metropolitan area, she also conducts sessions by phone.

For more information about Spiritual Direction feel free to visit Spiritual Directors International at


As a successful artist for years, Myrna brings those sensibilities into the arena of spiritual direction.

Seeing you as an artist working at crafting your life, she offers a safe and comfortable presence to take a long, loving look at your life in the context of Spirit.

Within each person is a deep wisdom and knowing. This is the piece of us that is directly connected to the Divine. This wisdom nudges and guides us to the teachers and the traditions that help us to awaken, to remember, and to search for deeper spiritual intimacy. With the desire to see the spiritual, a path will come for each individual to follow.

In support of this, Myrna’s focus is on being of service to you on your spiritual path. She believes we all have unique and special relationships with the Divine. Her ministry is about supporting you as you explore and foster that relationship.

All paths and faith traditions are honored and welcomed.

Myrna holds a Masters of Divinity Degree from New West Seminary and did her Spiritual Directors Training through the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. She also has a Masters of Fine Arts from Indiana University.

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