rev myrna yoder


As a creative mentor, Rev. Myrna partners with you either one-on-one or in groups, providing you with creative insight, partnership, and fertile ground from which you can make choices and create something new in your life.

Like spiritual direction, she asks questions and provides a space for you to gain clarity. From there, unlike spiritual direction, she will actively participate with you, offering ideas, suggestions, using creative activities, and helping explore whatever it is that is being called into creation in your live. She supports and works with you to create something that is truly yours.

Creative mentoring is very ”project” oriented and interactive. It might be as complicated as a career change or as simple as developing a creative agenda for a meeting. During this process it is her job to help you remember the overall objectives and spiritual perspectives. How is Spirit working here? What is Spirit trying to birth? How does this serve you or those you are serving, to have a deeper relationship with the Divine?

Fees are agreed upon depending on each person’s ability to pay.

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